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Sean Sheppard

Founding Partner, GrowthX and Co-Founder, GrowthX Academy

Will Bunker

Founding Partner GrowthX, Co-Founder GrowthX Academy,

Hitesh Parashar

Chief Marketing Officer, GrowthX Academy

Dr. Wayne Neale

Co-Founder, GrowthX Academy

Julia DeBari

Lead UX Instructor GrowthX Academy, Design Educator, UX Mentor

Andrew Goldner

Founding Partner, GrowthX and Co-Founder, GrowthX Academy

Max Altschuler

SalesHacker, Udemy

Sean Ellis

Josh Fechter

GrowthX Academy

Nir Eyal

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products,

Catherine Cooper

Founder of EmpathyWise

Jamal Nichols

Human Centered Design Expert and Design Educator

Whitney Bouck

Box, HelloSign

Carlos Ramon

Compass, Akamai, PeopleSoft

Lydia Laurenson

News Deeply, Journalism for Brands

Mark Breier

In-Q-Tel, Amazon

Lauren Feldman

Girls in Tech

Ian Faison

Victory Media

Bob Lehto


Troy Effner

eBay, CGI, GoToResearch

Camille Rickets

First Round Capital

Michael Mitchell

Simplicity, Fjord

David Dulany

Act-On Software, Inc.

Dr. Rebecca Homkes

21st Century Strategy

Josephine Foucher

Hotwire, AgilOne

Jessica Stanell

UX Instructor SF State University, Academy of Art

Samir Patel

SearchForce, 500S

Mary Anderson

Dolby Labs

Ryan Kulp


Max Shevyakov


Phyllis Davidson

Oracle, SiriusDecisions

Vasil Azarov

Startup Socials, Growth Marketing Conference

Paul Donovan

SAP, Ariba

Kevin Wheeler

Future of Talent Institute

Jared Brick

Founding Director at Brick House Media Co

Eric Bouck


Zack Onisko

Autodesk, Hired

Ralph Barsi

Achievers, Service Now

Jared Nielsen

RedOwl, Apple

Colin Supko

Patriot List

Travis Wright

Huawei, Symantec

Dr. John McQuaid

San Francisco VA, Veterans Health Administration

Brian Burnett

SAP, Cloudera, IBM

Scott Caito


Mara Lewis

GrowthX Corporate

Jeremy Glassenberg

Product Strategy Consultant

Jorge Soto

Twitter, MoPub

Eli Schwartz

Survey Monkey

Mauria Finley

Citrus Lane

Tim Yandel


John Suh

Hyundai Ventures

Craig Wortmann

Professor of Entrepreneurial Selling, University of Chicago

Jonathan Chizick

Drippler, Samsung, Dell

Mick McGee

EchoUser, SAP

Amy Huang

Disney and Apollo

Laura Klein

Author, UX for Lean Startups

David Krevitt

Coach, IDEO, BlackRock

Steli Efti

Adam Wald

Lyft, BlueCrew

Lloyed Lobo, Cofounder, & Boast Capital

Dionne Mischler

Inside Sales by Design

Sam Parr

The Hustle, The Anti-MBA

Chris Ortolano

DiscoverOrg, Sales Hacker, Inc., AA-ISP

Vincent Dignan

Magnific, Planet Ivy

Matt Earnest

General Motors

Dan Murphy

Elay Cohen


Sujan Patel

Web Profits

Rally Pagulayan

EchoUser, Oracle

Shawnda Williams

General Dynamics Mission Systems

Lael Sturm

LPS Solutions, LAVAN, Choice Maternity

James Scott


Kumar Thangudu

Launch Puppies

Annie Chiou

The Creative Group

Michael Lubin

Hint Health

Josh Fraser

Torbit (Acquired by Walmart)

Misbah Ashraf

Partner, India Goes Global

Bob More


Mario Martinez Jr.

M3Jr Growth Strategies, LLC

Joshua Jansen

ApplePie Capital

Yuriy Timen


Conor Lee


Zach Lukasiewicz

Double or Trouble

Kenneth To

Solve Growth

Sharon Neo

Digital Influence Lab

Theo Mandel

Paypal and Pearson

Lindsey Phillips

Bluewolf, an IBM company

Julia McKellar

Bluewolf, an IBM company

Dan Olsen

Olsen Solutions, The Lean Product Playbook

Cynthia Johnson

Ipseity Media

Shona Reed


Amy Malinowski


Arjun Arora

500 Startups

Mark Donohue

Catalyst Insight Partners

Lincoln Murphy

Storm Ventures

Lisa Ratner

Ford, Code for America

E.L. (Liz) Fox

Mule Design Studio

Dan Cohen


Alan Van Pelt


Dan McGaw

Effin Amazing

Shilpi Agarwal

Social Strategi

Akili King


Scott King


Steve Crepeau

True Sales Results LLC

Amy Slater

Amy Slater Consulting

Dulma Altan

Bill Marcus

MobileForce Software

Sameer Bhasin

Marketing and Brand Strategist

Honey Patel


Gilad Shamri

Growth Marketing Consultant

Nicolette Mullenix

Dynamic Signal

Dave Hawley

Dynamic Signal

Tami McQueen


David Lim

Media Mobilize

Jesus Ramirez

Stanford dSchool

Ashley Welch

Somersault Innovation

Aashay Tutika

Biovirtua (Holographic Virtual Care)

Pushpa Ithal


Victoria Waksman

Business Development, Partnerships and Program Management

Aurelia Setton

B2B Sales, Customer Experience, Angel Investor

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