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    How does online attendance work?

    GrowthX Academy online is the same program offered in-person in San Francisco, you can just attend remotely via web conference from wherever you live. Online students follow the same program, curriculum and schedule as in-person students using real-time communication and collaboration tools to interact with their instructors and classmates in San Francisco.

    Our online classroom platform features live communication and collaboration tools including video conferencing, chat, email and file sharing enabling every student to benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of the GrowthX community.

    Online students will follow the same schedule as our in-person students, which is an immersive 12-week full-time program that runs from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific time Monday-Friday. This means that you will attend classes based on the Pacific time zone schedule. Classes are not time-shifted to your time zone.

    You will need a computer or laptop with a webcam and microphone to participate with the instructors and students.

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    If I am not a U.S. citizen, what is the visa situation for doing a program like GrowthX Academy?

    If you’re considering attending GrowthX Academy but you’re not a US citizen you’ll need to obtain a visa or confirm that a visa is not legally required.

    A B2 tourist visa is likely sufficient if you intend to be in the US for 3 months or less. You can also consider an F1 visa commonly used by vocational or academic students, though often only necessary for accredited academic institutions that run longer than 3 months.

    You may also want to consider a B2 visa to extend your tourist visa for six additional months, or an M1 visa to attend GrowthX Academy and remain in the US for longer than three months.

    Talk to an Immigration Specialist

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    What are your specific offerings around career help?

    1. We have someone dedicated to tracking your progress throughout the process.
    2. We get to know you very well over the course of the program so that we can figure out exactly what you want and what would be best for you, and then we help you achieve that.
    3. We open up our personal networks to you, including access to GrowthX’s portfolio companies.

    Along these lines, here is a link to an article written by one of our lead instructors about how to get a job you will love.

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    What is your refund policy?

    Here is our refund policy as detailed in both our Student Policies and Enrollment Agreement:

    Cancellation and Refund Policy:

    1. GrowthX Academy must refund all money paid if the applicant is not accepted,
    with the exception of the $150 registration fee. This includes instances where a
    starting class is canceled by GrowthX Academy.

    2. GrowthX will retain 100% of tuition paid if student cancels after 14 calendar days
    following the start date.

    3. Student is required to pay GrowthX a prorated amount based on number of days completed.

    4. When calculating refunds, the official date of a student’s termination is the last day of recorded attendance:

    a. When GrowthX Academy receives notice of the student’s intention to withdraw; or,

    b. When the student is terminated for a violation of a published school policy which provides for termination; or,

    c. When a student, without notice, fails to attend classes for two consecutive weeks.

    5. All refunds will be paid within thirty calendar days of the student’s official termination date.

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    What is the daily schedule?

    The daily schedule is usually 9 am – 5 pm and the lunch break is typically 1 hour long. Each day is different, and what you’re actually doing throughout the day will vary from week to week. There will be lectures, guest speakers, group work, independent work, presentations, projects, etc.   Overall with outside work, expect to put in 60 hour weeks.

    The online attendance option follows the same schedule as in-person attendance. Online students login and participate with the instructors and students in the San Francisco classroom. For more information about online attendance, read the blog post: Attend GrowthX Academy Online from Anywhere in the World.

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    Why does GrowthX Academy cost $15,000

    It’s a fair question that we get asked by prospective students, and we hope everyone is thinking critically about their career options. Click here for a detailed answer by our co-founder, Will Bunker.

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    What kind of candidate are you looking for?

    GrowthX Academy is looking for people who are enthusiastic about technology, but not necessarily into code. We seek young professionals and people looking to transition out of an already established career path who want to gain the skills needed to make an impact in a new environment. We are also looking to assist founders seeking the expertise needed to take their startups to the next level.

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    What do you mean by “hands-on experience”?

    After four weeks of classroom learning, The Sales and Growth Marketing students will begin applying their new knowledge working directly with select startups. In these real-world environments you will apply skills and techniques learned in class to actual situations with companies that need market development help. GrowthX Academy staff remains closely involved in a mentoring/advisory capacity, ensuring your success.

    GrowthX Academy UX Design students will spend at least one week working on a company project and also work on several projects throughout the program to build their portfolios.

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    What kind of companies will I be working with?

    The GrowthX network of companies includes a broad range of growth-stage startups working in a variety of industries (e.g., biotech, logistics, fashion) and across business models (e.g., SaaS, Marketplace, e-Commerce) as well as companies of all sizes. We also have relationships with agencies, later-stage tech companies and large companies too. We work with you to determine your Ideal Company Profile (ICP) and try to match that with your interests.

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    Do you provide assistance finding a place to stay while I am in San Francisco?

    Student Housing Available from CohortX

    For SF, we also suggest these services:

    Check out this excellent post that one of our students published to help you figure out how to start a new career in a new city.

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    Is there financing available?

    GrowthX Academy offers a variety of financing options to help you meet your career and financial goals, including partnerships with Climb Credit and Skills Fund. To learn more about downpayment and student loan options, contact our financing specialist.

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    What does my tuition cover?

    GrowthX Academy tuition pays for all in-class training. Living expenses including rent, food, transportation and other incidentals are not covered for students in the in-person program.

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