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You Will Work with Real Companies on Live Projects.

Want to step into a non-tech role at a tech company and begin making a meaningful difference from day one? GrowthX Academy helps smart, driven, creative thinkers gain real experience and transition into new careers. Be among the next wave of innovators in this exciting industry. Break into Tech. #NoCodingRequired

Meet Our Students

Brittney Kerner

“Thanks to GrowthX, I'm now working full time in sales operations for one of their portfolio companies, Distribute. I feel motivated when I go to work and I'm surrounded by an incredible group of people!”

Casey Schumacher

"The quality of what I've been learning has exceeded my expectations. It’s extremely valuable to be able to apply what I’ve learned to real life and real companies."

Adam August

“The academy was the right move for me to make. I look at the GrowthX Academy as a career accelerator. The skills we are learning are differentiators.”

Jeff Kasper

"Every day the veil gets pulled back and my mind is blown more and more by what we’re learning. GrowthX Academy is at the cutting edge of insight into the tech industry.”

Meet Your New Network

You will spend most of your time working directly with real companies in Silicon Valley, solving real problems. You’ll work closely with innovators, while developing your own areas of expertise. And with each new GrowthX Academy cohort, your network of like-minded peers will grow while your professional network continues to expand.

Meet your incredible community of professional mentors who have built and sold tech companies, helped shaped the future of tech, and are now lending their advice, experience and expertise to you. You’ll be gaining insights and knowledge from the brightest minds in the industry, and making lifelong connections.

Max Altschuler

SalesHacker, Udemy

Ralph Barsi

Achievers, Service Now

Mauria Finley

Citrus Lane

Eli Schwartz

Survey Monkey

Yuriy Timen


Troy Effner

eBay, CGI, GoToResearch

Mick McGee

EchoUser, SAP

Amy Huang

Disney and Apollo

Laura Klein

Author, UX for Lean Startups

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