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My dad used to tell me that the best way to acquire a skill is to follow these three simple steps:

  1. Learn one
  2. Do one
  3. Teach one

But times are a changin’ and this ain’t your daddy’s lesson plan! Here’s my 2016 version, inspired by Mehak (pronounced meh-hack) Vohra, the founder of Jamocha Media, a full-scale digital marketing business for startups:

  1. Learn one
  2. Do one
  3. BLOG one

Mehak recently stopped by GrowthX Academy to speak with our growth marketing class.

Learn One
Extend your reach by exploring all social channels through multimedia.

Better yet, leverage your different social media platforms so that they work for each other.

A huge fan of your Instagram account may not even know that you have a YouTube channel. Post your YouTube channel link on your Instagram description and then watch those new insta-fans roll in!

“Content trumps aesthetics”
No need to buy an expensive camera or editing software to record a video, instead:

  • Invest your time researching Google Trends.
  • Apply descriptive/trending content tags (e.g., “Digital Marketing”, “How To,” “Best Ways”).
  • Mirror the content of your video under the “Description” section to make it as detailed as possible.

Google and YouTube will give your videos an added boost if you match up your description with the tags and content in your videos.

That means that your video will rank closer to the top of the page when someone searches your video.

Mehak also recommends writing the same opening lines on all your YouTube video descriptions for up to an additional 300% marketing boost.

An example you could use would be to add a repeatable catch phrase before your detailed description. Here’s an example:


“Timing is everything”
Post before the field becomes over-saturated with similar content. Do this by:

  • Finding a time of day/night that best captures your audience;
  • Using insight to identify upcoming events and publish accordingly; and
  • Keeping your eye on rising trends.

Mehak took advantage of Google Trends to identify keywords and tags that were trending.

You’ll be way ahead of the competition if you are able to spot keywords just before they reach a peak.

Think of keywords like waves in the ocean and channel your inner surfer: hop on those trending tags too late and you might get smacked by the white wash of over-concentration. But, if you hop on during the build-up phase, those keywords will take you on the ride of your life to more views and subscriptions. Totally (You)Tubular!

Do One
Okay. This was more difficult than I thought it would be. But it was also more fun!

My first YouTube video, inspired by Mehak’s visit, documents my recent move to San Francisco in the form of a house tour. I messed up right away by recording most of my video vertically on my camera which led to those two ugly black bars sandwiching whatever content I had in the middle.

No stress. I played it off like I did it on purpose by adding text which complements my visual content:


Like Mehak, I used Google Trends to identify the best tags to use on my video. I chose to tag my video with a word like “Bay” before using a tag like “San Francisco” to describe the Bay Area based on significantly higher searches for that word:


“Tour” was a very interesting keyword because it seems to have a massive peak every June/July. It did not take me too long to realize this could probably be attributed to the famous bike race, le Tour de France, which takes place every summer.

If you’re a growth hacker like me, you may consider publishing a bike tour video of your office or city next summer to take advantage of the massive hype that stems from this race every year!

Regardless of whether or not I’ll be the next Spielberg, making this video was incredibly enjoyable process and I hope you enjoy watching it!

Blog One
Last night, I was introduced to two fans of my blog! It feels amazing to know that people appreciate my work.

Don’t let this upward trend of following my blog pass you by. Hop on the wave while I’m still “kind of a big deal” but still humble enough to take pictures with you!

You can check out my last “Learn one, Do one, Blog one” post where I learned how to build rapport from Justin Clegg.