Job Offer

Two years ago I had no clue what a text editor was. Now, after only three weeks at GrowthX Academy, I have 3 job offers waiting for my response.

San Francisco is a funny place. I’ve seen an unbelievable number of friends get chewed up in tech. Everyone here is trying to become a superstar but the truth is, most fail miserably. It’s all about your approach.

If you want to be an asset to almost any tech company, you have two options: One, become a coder, or two, complement a coder.

Will you become a product developer or market developer?

Pick one and get damn good at it.
Note: If you can do both, that’s another zero added to the end of your salary. But you have to start somewhere.

A. Learn coding

Developing isn’t as hard as mainstream media plays it out. In short, it’s just time consuming. When my friend first showed me an HTML page, I nearly had a heart attack. Now I can crank out app ideas in a weekend. Over time, I discovered most engineers aren’t any smarter than you or I. They just have spent more time behind the keyboard.

If you want to go this route, start with Codecademy – build apps that excite you or solve your problems. Stay patient, use online resources like StackOverflow, Stackshare and attend programming Meetups. If you’re hungry to learn, everything will fall into place. (Javascript is the future, anyone who tells you otherwise probably still uses a landline.)

B. Complement coding

Most developers are great at what they do. They build stuff, but that’s it. Acquiring customers and growth is an entirely different beast and few people understand it. If you are a talented growth marketer, you are like a superhero in SF. Everybody has a product but few have traction or a solid growth strategy.

If you know your stuff, you will have more job offers than you can respond to. I’ve been in the growth marketing program at GrowthX Academy for four weeks and already have three different job offers.

Growth isn’t as simple to learn as a programming language but GrowthX Academy has been a effective opportunity to learn and do at the same time, with real companies.

(You can go into sales, business development or design but IMO Developers and Growth Marketers are highest in demand.)

If you know the right people, you can expedite your career and climb the ladder much quicker. I chose to attend GrowthX Academy and I have been plugged into an extensive network that they’ve spent years building.

I’ve only been in SF for a year and I’m in touch with the highest tech-execs and hottest companies. Find great people and build relationships with them.

Regardless of which you decide, just remember growth is the single most important thing to ANY startup.

If you are serious about getting into growth marketing, I can introduce you to a few experts that will point you in the right direction. Just hit me up, my email is available on my personal website:

Dominick Malzone

Good luck!