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Accelerate your Career at GrowthX Academy

People enter into our educational community from all types of backgrounds. What they share in common is a purpose to make a difference and passion to make an impact. Our students are successful, bright, motivated and diverse. We also want people who share our core values.

I’m looking to change careers

You’ve checked many of the boxes; you got a degree, got a job and have been working hard, but something doesn’t feel right. You’re not happy and you don’t feel like you’re making the impact you know you can make. You’re looking for a new career in a exciting and growing field.

Change Careers

I want to break into tech

You’re interested in transitioning to a career in tech but don’t know how to code. You are curious, committed and passionate? In the age of applied technology the disciplines that help companies connect with people, grow their companies and create useful and compelling experiences will dominate. Every company today is a “tech” company in some way.

Break Into Tech

I want to be in an exciting growth field

You’re looking for a career in Tech in an exciting and growing field. Sales, Growth Marketing and User Experience design are growing tech disciplines that solve the largest problems…and opportunities that companies have. User Experience designers make products that people love. Growth Marketers find creative and ingenious ways to generate awareness and interest. Sales and Business Developers discover, develop and create opportunities and revenue to grow companies. Why not turn one day into day one?

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I need new skills and frameworks for the competitive future

You’re looking to up-level your current skill-set. Do you have the correct mindset and set of frameworks that are necessary to grow as an individual and as a professional? In the innovation economy, staying in one place and the status quo are your riskiest situations. A growth mindset and cutting-edge techniques are tools modern-day innovators needs to thrive and keep moving.

Level Up

Are You a Veteran?

Want to transition from military service into a non-tech role at a tech company and begin making a meaningful difference from day one? GrowthX Academy helps smart, driven, creative thinkers gain real experience and transition into new careers. Be among the next wave of innovators in this exciting industry. Break into Tech. #NoCodingRequired

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Meet A Few of Our Graduates

Meet Britney

Sales & Business Development

Britney Kerner came to GrowthX Academy from being an accountant in Dallas, TX. She decided to move to San Francisco and enroll in the Sales and Business Development program. She now works in Sales Operations at Distribute, a GrowthX portfolio company.

Meet Adam

Sales & Business Development

Adam August wanted to accelerate his career. GrowthX Academy spoke to him as the best choice for leveraging his business background and sales experience. Adam landed a coveted sales position at Sales Hacker where he’s implementing the strategies he learned at GrowthX Academy.

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