If you are considering GrowthX Academy, it is important to know that the value is so much more than the knowledge you gain. The hidden value that you won’t necessarily read about is in the relationships you create with fellow students, mentors, founders and the staff. You are surrounded by like-minded individuals who put people first, stress the importance of trust, transparency, humility, and exponential thinking. Here’s how I made the best decision of my professional career and made the transition into tech.

My journey has taken me to Boulder, Colorado; Park City, Utah; St. Joseph, Missouri; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Guatemala; Chile; Appleton, Wisconsin; and San Francisco. I found a way to graduate college, chased a dream to work in the NFL, got my feet wet in a startup, then launched a failed startup, traveled to a foreign country on a Habitat for Humanity build, and met a guy in Chile who offered me the CEO position at a bankrupt bobby pin manufacturing company, which meant leaving everything and everyone I knew behind.

Life has taught me that as long as I’m helping others, learning and constantly iterating, things will work out. I chalk up the the past nine years of my life to self discovery.

When I moved back to the Bay Area in March of 2016, I had zero direction other than breaking into “tech” seemed to be the logical next step. I saved enough money over the years to give myself a few months of runway before it was time to get back to work. I focused on finding the right company and a situation that gave me these three things:

  1. An environment to learn and grow
  2. Being around authentic, like-minded people
  3. Bringing value and being in a position to move the company towards their next market milestone

I was working with Betts Recruiting, which yielded several offers, when I came across this Facebook ad for GrowthX Academy.

Without thinking too much about it, I clicked learn more and closed my computer for the night. The next day I received an email from GrowthX Academy asking me to provide my LinkedIn, Resume, and any additional items I see fit. To be honest, I almost blew it off. It was around 11pm that night, when a voice in my head told me to respond. What did I have to lose?

I felt aligned with their core values. Two days later, I was scheduled to meet with Sean Sheppard, one of the founding partners of GrowthX and the lead instructor of the sales and business development program at GrowthX Academy.

Within 5 minutes of meeting Sean, I knew this guy was the real deal, and I’m not just talking about being successful. His genuine interest in me and the “let me take you under my wing” vibe was palpable.

Sean didn’t spend any of our time together “selling” me on the academy. In fact, we spent an hour talking about everything but the academy. He seemed only concerned with getting to know me on a deeper level. I left feeling that Sean was a person I wanted in my corner and someone who was going to push me to succeed.

My options were take a job as an SDR/AE for SaaS company making $100k+ or invest $15k in myself and be in the first cohort at the newly formed GrowthX Academy. My gut was telling me that the Academy was the right move. I saw tremendous value in the unique opportunity to learn from successful individuals on doing things the right way. Think about that for a second.

More often than not we learn through failure and here I had the chance to learn tested and proven methods.

When you combine all the experience of the founding partners of GrowthX Academy, they have something like 80+ years of startup/early stage experience. These guys have pretty much done and seen it all. However, more than anything on my list of “pros,” my belief in Sean (GrowthX’s first core value: People First) was what carried the most weight. I knew in my core, trusting him would be the right move.

Like most things in life, the decision wasn’t black and white. The Academy was new and I had loads of questions and wanted to understand why the program cost $15,000. It was a calculated risk and I knew it was going to work out. I picked up the phone, called Sean, and told him I was in. That day, I became the very first student at GrowthX Academy, and it’s become the best personal and professional growth experience I have ever had.

If you’re considering attending GrowthX Academy, feel free to email me; I’d love to help you.