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Mick McGee, the co-founder of EchoUser, and a UX design expert, recently stopped by GrowthX Academy to share his insights with me and my fellow students. If you are looking to transition into a career in UX, here are a few key takeaways regarding UX Strategy and how it plays a critical role in the development of products that enrich and provide exceptional user experiences.

UX Strategy makes sure that the goal and direction of the User Experience team are up to par with the organization’s Business Strategy. It also makes sure that different departments across the organization share and collaborate ideas, data, and resources in order to make the User Experience Design project successful.

Mick’s top piece of advice for aspiring UX Designers is to first determine what aspects interest you the most and start there. Do as many side projects as you can to build your portfolio and to practice doing a lot of workshops to hone your facilitation skills. For me, that’s Interaction Design which is all about learning user’s interactions with the product. It is about understanding behaviors and anticipating how to mitigate errors. It is also about simplifying the tasks and user flows to increase accessibility, usability, and learnability for the users.

Laura Klein, another top UX Design expert who Mentors at GrowthX Academy, enjoys “taking things that are complicated for people to do and making them easy.” Because she specializes “in building products that work the way humans work…she loves learning about the context in which people use products or perform tasks so that I can build things that really fit into their lives.” (You can read a full Q&A with Laura here)

Mick points out, though, that at the same time you need to make yourself aware of the supporting skills that are needed as well, such as design research, ideation and synthesis, iterative design, and the other important foundational skills included in the curriculum at GrowthX Academy.

There is also a growing collaborative relationship between Growth Marketers and UX Designers. Both are heavily customer-centric roles. UX designers need to know which people they are trying to understand and Growth Marketers need to know who to attract. So, in essence, they both need data to do their job and that data is captured from user research.

Good UX research means better understanding of the target customers, which is valuable information for Growth Marketers because, ultimately, it boils down to the right audience.

Here are some great reads that Mick recommends:

If you want to go deeper, here are the top 5 UX Design books that GrowthX Academy lead UX Design instructor, Julia DeBari, recommends.

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