General Course Schedule:

The daily schedule is usually 9 am – 5 pm and the lunch break that is typically 1 hour long. Each day is different, and what you’re actually doing throughout the day will vary from week to week. There will be lectures, guest speakers, group work, independent work, presentations, projects, etc. Overall with outside work, expect to put in 60+ hour weeks.

The online attendance option follows the same schedule as in-person attendance. Online students log in and participate with the instructors and students in the San Francisco classroom. For more information about online attendance, read the blog post: Attend GrowthX Academy Online from Anywhere in the World.

UX Course Schedule:

The UX Course is broken down into 2 parts: in-class time and studio time.
In-class time has lectures, exercises, and discussions.
Studio time is when you work on projects, assignments, and when mentors come in to speak.