Yuriy Timenthe Head of Growth and Marketing at Grammarly, recently spoke to a packed house at GrowthX Academy’s weekly Growth Marketing MeetupHis talk was chock-full of sagely advice. Here are a few insights that resonated with me:

“Don’t let your revenue rely on a single marketing channel. It might change.”

The growth marketers at Grammarly are making huge gains on their Facebook advertisements. Nevertheless, Yuriy emphasized the importance of exploring other marketing channels like YouTube and PR.

You never know when an oil well is going to dry up.

“Network with a purpose”

Yuriy also emphasized goal-oriented networking during his talk. To do this, you must figure out:

  1. Who you want to get connected with;
  2. How you will get there; and
  3. What will make your connection strong.

So here was my game plan:

  1. I knew I wanted to make a strong connection with Yuriy.
  2. I figured out I could leave a sincere, lasting impression with Helen (his wife who joined him for the Meetup). In turn, she might grant a warm introduction to her husband.
  3. For good measure, I’d blog about my experience both using Grammarly and my interaction with the team behind the product.

It worked!

I learned a ton about Helen and Yuriy, their aligned entrepreneurial passions, and their cute French Bulldog.

Yes – Yuriy and I are now connected on LinkedIn, but it was the one-on-one time I spent with Helen which granted us the opportunity to establish a solid rapport that will carry well beyond social media.

Yuriy reminded us that words are powerful. That’s why he’s at Grammarly. I couldn’t wait to try it, and this blog post was the perfect opportunity!

I downloaded the Grammarly plugin on Google Chrome and almost immediately began to experience sharp improvements in the prowess of my penmanship.

(Perfect) Practice Makes Perfect

Like any skill, writing can be honed through practice. To become great, however, practice on its own is not enough.

Think of it this way: Do you think Michael Phelps would have still been able to win 23 Olympic gold medals without a coach? Trainers can detect flaws that often sneak under-the-radar to the average observer.

Grammarly is that coach in your corner; it’s got your back when you make that imminent spelling error.

Transform Your Writing from “Great” to “Exceptional”

If you have ever tried to use the standard “synonyms” tool on Microsoft Word to make yourself appear extra intelligent, you may have accidently achieved the opposite effect by selecting a replacement word that does not properly fit your intended meaning.

Grammarly offers a significant advantage to Microsoft Word’s synonyms suggestion service, which lists similar words without any way to categorize by context.

None one the following 10 substitute suggestions accurately describe the appropriate meaning of “Great”:


Alternatively, Grammarly offers a variety of suitable synonyms for you to choose from:


How sweet is that?! The best part: it’s free!

Grammarly also offers a spread of premium services for a modest price, a worthwhile consideration depending on how much you would like to get out of your writing.

Remember, words are powerful. We use words on applications and résumés to get into universities and to obtain job offers. The difference between getting accepted and getting rejected will often boil down to how well you write.

Yuriy’s sage wisdom, along with the power of Grammarly, can help you become a top growth marketer and blogger today.

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