Photo from Hellp Week 1

Just four weeks into their GrowthX Academy course, the sales and business development students are putting what they’ve been learning into practice. During this “HELLp Week,” startups are invited to collaborate with academy students, helping them gain experience working on the companies’ real-life problems.

The companies gain the expertise of students trained in tools like GrowthX’s market acceleration program, which was developed  by venture capitalists and GrowthX Academy’s founders to help startups define growth milestones and market their product.

HELLp Week is unique in giving students the opportunity to take on challenges faced by different companies with different levels of success. “This allows them to see several perspectives, work with several different team dynamics and actually have some tangible results at the conclusion of the workshops that they can add to their collected experience,” says GrowthX Academy’s program manager, Adam Wald.

During the first HELLp week this year, 13 companies and five students participated. Two of the students  are now doing extended six-week projects with the companies they worked with.

Ten of those companies that participated in HELLp Week said they will be building directly upon the information they gained through working with GrowthX Academy students. They specifically cited insights into defining their unique value proposition, identifying their companies’ ideal customer profiles, improving messaging, calculating customer acquisition costs and creating marketing/sales playbook as areas where Academy students have helped their companies.

If you’re interested in becoming an expert in market acceleration and working both inside and outside the classroom to build a career in sales and business development, apply to join our 12-week program.

If you’re a startup seeking expertise in sales and bringing your product to market, contact Adam Wald to discuss joining the roster of innovative companies benefiting from the HELLp week program.