By GrowthX Academy UX Design Student, Sarah Mina

Todd Scheuring, a product designer at Honeybook, shared the importance of UX Research in UX Design as he talked to the UX Design students at GrowthX Academy. Todd’s career started as a designer in a corporate agency marketing department. His job was mainly to express ideas and communicate the value proposition.

He realized along the way in his career that he did not have a way to measure how his designs were affecting the business and making an impact. He found that usability and iteration alone were not enough to understand people’s motivation and desires. That’s when he started using more research to enforce his designs.

Research is at the core of HoneyBook, because of its importance to projects. It is fundamental to be engaged with product users in order to understand their different perspectives. Today, Todd understands that the users’ perspective is defined by their background, languages, emotions, motivations, and pride. Therefore, user research done well gives the project confidence in moving forward, it helps people make better design decisions, build a better product, and has a powerful impact in the company.

Todd also spoke about the importance of validating research. If you have an idea, test it even if no one believes in it. Validate your idea with research and the results may surprise you and give you the confidence to move forward with the project. Think about the process and fall in love with the problem, and the goals.  

In Todd’s presentation, there were three things that stood out:

  1. Design without research has a 50% chance to work well, you just would not know which 50% it would be. Therefore, research and usability testing will give the project confidence, while moving it forward.
  2. People are emotional not logical. Users will abandon or engage with a product based on how they feel about it. If the usability upsets the user, chances are they will not engage with the product again.
  3. Know the user you are designing for, gain their in-depth perspective, and test your theory before building the product. This will save a lot of money, time, and resources in the project in the long run.

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