Writing Language on a White Board

Words matter! Whether written, spoken, printed, web, mobile, or interpreted by Siri — what you say, hear and convey makes an impact. We were fortunate to have Gaurav Ragtah as our guest at our Growth Marketing meetup to talk about all the novel and scientific ways he used natural language processing, machine learning and big data to grow tools like SlideShare (acquired by LinkedIn), Klout and Nest (Google).

Growing up in Delhi, India’s capital, Gaurav got exposed early on in his life to myriad languages and their power to spread ideas. Gaurav speaks five different languages, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bangla and French. With his engineering work at high growth tech companies he understands how languages and natural interfaces are becoming more and more important as the digital medium moves from static, linear interfaces like web pages and mobile apps to parallel, natural language driven bots and voice activated assistants.

Gaurav cautions investors to wait for product-market fit before jumping onto the hype of deep learning and chat bots. He is grounded in the realities of the current state of these intelligent tools. He understands what is possible today and what is just a dream right now. He recommends to go after some real problems getting solved by these tools.

If you look at the number of A/B tests run to improve engagement, there are many creative design tests to execute content/copy tests. Impact for copy-based tests in products is typically 2X when it works well. People underestimate what copy tests can do for you. Since the impact-to-effort ratio is much higher for copy tests, Gaurav suggests to test as much as you can with messaging. In our own experience, when we tested simple copy tests with multiple variants we saw up to 5X difference in the worst performing copy and the best performing copy.

Gaurav also had tactical recommendations for tools that you can use immediately. He likes MixPanel, CopyHackers and Buffer. To understand what people are craving in your respective fields Gaurav suggested turning to top questions on Quora and Amazon’s top books.

Click here to watch Gaurav’s full interview with Joshua Fechter.

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