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Amy Malinowski

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Amy Malinowski

UX Design

Design Lead, Moneythink

I am a practitioner of human-centered design with a love for uncovering insights, an obsession with strategy, and a bias towards action. My background in entrepreneurship and education lends itself to the challenge of using empathy and imagination to turn complex constraints and chaos into holistic solutions for both the user and the business. I am a compulsive learner, collector of ideas, pattern finder, storyteller, and strategist. I am looking for full-time opportunities to act, learn, and build. I love working on teams that are as relentless about asking “why” as I am. I am here to co-create a better world with you—let’s connect.

Core strengths: user research, ideation, sketching, wireframes, prototypes, usability testing

Tools: Adobe CC, Sketch, InVision, Bootstrap

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