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Aurelia Setton

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Aurelia Setton

Sales & Business Development

B2B Sales, Customer Experience, Angel Investor

Aurelia Setton is an accomplished sales & go-to-market executive with 15+ years of experience building and leading organizations, creating scalable operations and mentoring high-performing teams to deliver results that place the customer as the center of the strategy.

Mont Blanc Ventures is a team of entrepreneurs who select high-potential European start-ups to enable their success in scaling and succeeding in the U.S. market. The philosophy is to work hand in hand with leadership teams on their strategy, methodology, process and execution with excellence and fun.

Prior to this, Aurelia Setton was the General Manager of the Hospitality & Travel practice at Medallia, a Silicon Valley based Saas company leading the space of Customer Experience (Largest Sequoia Capital investment in Tech). There, she built an organization that partners with S&P500 companies to help them serve and delight their customers every day. At LinkedIn, she managed and scaled a global team of sales and customer success professionals supporting small, medium and large organizations in their talent strategy. Before that, Aurelia was the VP of Business Development for Calera, a Khosla-backed start-up, where she initiated, negotiated and closed multi-million dollar deals involving investors, partners and government. From 2002 to 2006, she launched a disruptive business in the wine industry and grew it to a multi-million dollar business still operating today.

Aurelia Setton is a recognized thought leader in Customer Experience and delivered numerous speaking engagements including as a Stanford lecturer with Jeff Pfeffer and as a judge in the HEC class on VC Inside. She also speaks six languages and is an avid kite-surfer.

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