Bill Marcus

Sales & Business Development

MobileForce Software

Some leaders are great at STRATEGY, some excel at OPERATIONS, while others may boast strengths in TACTICS. The value I offer is at the convergence of the three disciplines.

A senior sales professional who leads high-performance teams to consistently smash targets, a constant throughout my career has been creating revenue streams for “pre-chasm” products that previously had no market or demand. I’m also a strategic thinker who shares a vision for transformative technology and inspires channel partners to embrace innovation and produce results.

As a hands-on leader, I understand the challenges faced by sales managers who may feel bogged down by the administrative—but necessary—aspects of their job. I help them navigate the process and coach them to improved efficiency and productivity. This not only fosters a stronger relationship with operational teams—a must in today’s matrix business environment—but it also frees the team to focus on their most important goal: exceeding sales quotas.


►Mobilizing a global team that generated >$200M in top-line revenue and achieved 200% of quota 3 years in a row.

►Doubling the number of customers for a transformative technology product and creating cross-sell opportunities that triggered an increase in customers’ spend three-fold within a year.

►Gaining entry into 15 new global markets using a two-tiered distribution model while increasing profitability on all channel sales by 12%.

►Achieving profitability within 2 years for a consulting practice that I built from scratch.

The EXPERTISE I bring to all my roles includes:
New Revenue Streams • Strategic Planning & Implementation • Training & Development
Sales Agreement Negotiations • Key Account Relationship Management • Startups & Turnarounds
New Product & Market Development • Budgeting & Forecasting • Consultative Selling
Channel Development • Sales Operations & Processes • Program Development

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