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James Scott

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James Scott

Sales & Business Development


James is an experienced senior executive with specialist knowledge of scaling B2B SaaS companies. His niche is B2B SaaS (focusing on early to mid-stage companies) and he has a particular interest in the commerce / retail vertical – both ecommerce and bricks & mortar.

James’ core expertise is delivering great customer experiences – which broadly covers scaling world-class customer success, onboarding / professional services and technical support teams. He is also passionate about customer advocacy and believe that there’s no more powerful growth engine than happy and successful customers.

For the last 11 years, James has worked in the retail software vertical with companies that enable SMB / independant retailers to compete effectively with national retail brands by improving their core operations and automating growth. He has successfully expanded two high-growth technology companies into new markets – first as UK Managing Director for ChannelAdvisor (2005-2011) and more recently as President, North America for Brightpearl (2012-2016).

James is a regular public speaker and has presented his learnings at numerous industry events in both the US and Europe over the last decade. He is also a mentor at Alchemist Accelerator and GrowthX Academy.

James is currently interested in consulting opportunities, board advisory roles and meeting other interesting people from the world of B2B SaaS and commerce.

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