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Jared Brick

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Jared Brick

Growth Marketing

Founding Director at Brick House Media Co

Jared is an award-winning entrepreneur focused on multimedia and innovation on purpose for empowering experts transforming into leaders. He believes in digital media education and offers clients training sessions and live learning events as a core aspect of his work. He is currently the Founding Director at Brick House Media Co (BHMC), since 2013, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company focuses on supporting evolving businesses, bold professionals, emerging thought leaders and new innovators to develop multimedia for their business growth.

Since age 5, Jared sought to become a photographer and that passion has greatly evolved in the last 35 years! Jared holds a B.A. in Photography from University of Colorado, Boulder in Studio Arts and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School, San Francisco, CA.

Jared is a frequent live speaker, community mentor and expert contributor with the following organizations and groups: NewCo Bay Area, Townsquared, The Shift Conference, GrowthX Academy, WeWork, Gryp Media Creators Meetup and more live events. His passion is to empower people to create media for growth.

In 2016, he built a collaborative digital media studio in partnership with the Port Workspaces, Oakland, CA. These creative spaces are part of GRYP a media creator community.

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Jared is a live conference speaker at the following:

Shift Digital Media Innovators Conference San Francisco, 2016

NewCo Bay Area – San Francisco 2015 and 2017

WeWork – Berkeley and San Francisco 2016-2017

GrowthX Academy – San Francisco, 2017

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