Jason Will

Sales & Business Development


Jason grew up on the ice and hockey was the center of his world. To keep up with the caliber of talent he faced each week required an extreme amount of discipline and focus. Despite the fierce competition, he always believed his only true competitor was himself.
His career blossomed while consulting across the country, which lead to a significant growth in perspective both personally and professionally. It became clear that building people, teams and culture fueled his drive and fulfilled a deep sense of purpose.
He ultimately decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship after being asked to compromise his moral code while on the job. Zipkick was created to foster a global community driven by authentic relationships. Nothing excited him more than watching the world become a better place by helping people live their purpose and passion.
We all have environmental influences, but he has learned that you cannot let an environment dictate what is possible. There is a path forward for every individual and it all comes down to how badly you want it.
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