Kory Kredit

UX Design

Manager, Product Design/Product Experience at FusionSoft

Kory is the Manager of Product Design and Product Experience at FusionSoft. Prior to this position, he was Director of Student Experience at GrowthX Academy, and the Creative Director/UX Designer at Kydak, a UX/Experience Design firm. ​Kory has over 20 years of experience in the Internet & Web-based software industry working in design, UX, product management, communications and marketing leadership roles across corporate, start-up and agency environments.

​Kory began working in the Internet space in the mid 90’s and helped create and launch the first corporate-sponsored game on the Internet as well as co-creating and designing the largest online fantasy sports platform online at the time. He has worked at a number of Arizona technology startups including Sandbox Entertainment, iZoom.com and AdOn Network. In addition to the small entrepreneurial environments, Kory has also worked at Action Performance, EDMC and University of Phoenix.

Kory studied Graphic Design at Calvin College and also earned a degree in Marketing from the University of Phoenix. When he is not working on creating amazing user experiences for GrowthX Academy, Kory loves spending time with his wife and their two teenagers going between youth theater, sports activities, and their church.

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