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Kumar Thangudu is an engineer who works in Silicon Valley. He is an advisor to Ava Winery , Efabless, Human Data Project, and SemanticMD. He cofounded 2 SAAS companies, LinkTexting and  GrowAmp. His first cash flow positive web business was LeanBelts which he built while drumming, doing random engineering projects, and waiting tables in New Orleans.

Kumar previously worked for 20+ startups and several Fortune 500 companies as a marketing and sales consultant including LawnStarter, Strikingly, GetPerch, TapSlash Keyboard, The Fresh Diet, Prynt Cases, and Efabless (Chip Design 180nm Mixed Signal Analog Chips.) He bootstrapped 2 SAAS ventures and won 90K in hackathons with his cofounder whom he met in a San Francisco hackerhouse. LinkTexting & Growamp have grown to several hundred customers in 40 countries.  He and his cofounder stepped back to work on the Human Data Project full time. He is a YC alum of Summer 2012. Tried building world’s cheapest cell tower with Rob, Matt, and Hunter. Company died and was reborn into Soylent.

He studied Operations Research/Industrial Engineering & Polymer-Textile-Fiber Engineering at Georgia Tech Interned at Kleiner Perkins backed Lehigh Technologies Lead facility design engineer at Scan Tech Sciences – a particle accelerator startup. He can answer questions about food irradiation and manufacturing facility design.

He was born in Nashville, Tennessee, bounced between India and the States, and grew up mostly in Houston, Texas.

He has been featured on Huffington Post and Telegraph for his views on Apps. In 2016, he became a top writer on quora.


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