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Lincoln Murphy

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Lincoln Murphy

Sales & Business Development

Storm Ventures

The thing that I’m super-passionate about – that drives me every day and that’s actually pretty fun – is helping companies achieve exponential growth by focusing on their most valuable asset: the customer.

I look for growth levers that we can pull across the entire customer lifecycle through – focusing on this process called Customer Success – to help you keep your customers longer, get them to use and pay more over time, and turn those customers into advocates.

I’ve done this with more than 400 SaaS and enterprise software vendors over the last 10 years – from startups to major companies like SAP, HP Enterprise, and everything in between – to rapidly accelerate growth.

I even authored the Customer Success book for Wiley!


I believe that a growth engine that doesn’t take into consideration Customer Success, retention, churn mitigation, and expansion revenue in addition to Acquisition-based growth is not an efficient growth engine. I can help you build an efficient engine of growth.

From improving distribution and reach, to optimizing your Marketing website to drive sign-ups, and from streamlining the Free Trial process to drive paid conversions to reducing overall Sales Cycles (self-service or high-touch), helping you grow in a scalable way is my passion.

I help SaaS companies grow – rapidly & sustainably – by taking full advantage of the SaaS Business Model and the unique distribution methods this amazing model allows. From in-app Conversion Optimization to viral expansion even in the most staid B2B product categories.

I speak at events and conferences around the world. From Poland to Brazil, and Ireland to Canada, including SIIA On-Demand, HostingCon, Pulse, RD Summit, CASE, #FlipMyFunnel, and TSIA’s TSW World.

Get in touch if you think my unique view on Customer Success and Growth would energize and excite your audience.

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