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Marco Salsiccia

UX Design

Accessibility Consultant, Lyft

After being in and around the animation and visual effects industry for about 12 years, medical complications and circumstances beyond my control have forced me to drop out of this industry entirely as I have effectively gone blind and have no functional vision. This is a massive and fundamental life change which requires immense adjustment and focused adaptation. I am currently working with the department of rehabilitation in order to get the training I need to be functionally independent and figure out how to get my life back on track from here on out.

During my experience with motion graphics and the animation industry, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed the ideation process and coming up with fun concepts that would translate well into visual media. Storytelling and making sure that information was easily and accurately conveyed in a fun and engaging manner was absolutely key and something I loved immersing myself in. Even though I am unable to see, I still feel that I can be very effective in helping with turning ideas into something stronger and ultimately helping with the creative and ideation process of a project or story.

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