Mario Chamorro

Growth Marketing

Regional Manager for Latin America, Coursera

I’m not a very typical growth marketer.

I grew up next to an active volcano in Pasto, Colombia. In 2004, I left my country, moved to Boston, and learned English while waiting tables, parking cars, and teaching salsa lessons.

A few years of hard work and good faith resulted in a master’s degree from Columbia University, an exciting career helping companies to develop and execute growth strategies, and creating many successful happiness initiatives such as getting the International Day of Happiness passed by the U.N.

My background, while extensive, isn’t traditional. As the VP of marketing for Instanza, I secured 10 million downloads within 30 days of launching SOMA messenger and over 40 million users worldwide in 15 months. It became the fastest growing messaging app in internet history!

I have also organized events in 20+ countries and implemented PR and cheap guerrilla marketing tactics to generate awareness on happiness that generated 80 million media impressions in 33 countries.

I’m currently studying at the GrowthX Academy where I am developing data-driven growth skills while I run on a volunteering basis the only crowdfunding platform in Latin America that rewards happiness initiatives.

In a nutshell, I am passionate about using technology to make people happier. My background in growth marketing is coupled with a user happiness approach with a strong entrepreneurial drive. I’m not the person who just wants to do what it’s told. I’m the positive proactive guy who actually wants to turbocharged growth within inspiring companies—and create, ideate, and lead.

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