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Max Altschuler

Sales & Business Development

SalesHacker, Udemy

Max Altschuler has been an entrepreneur his whole life and learned sales at an early age from his father, David, who was a pioneering Certified Financial Planner.

His entrepreneurial journey led him to San Francisco to work for an online education company called Udemy, in which he was the first sales hire and built the process that launched the Instructor side of the marketplace.

Udemy recently raised a $32 million dollar series C round of funding with a valuation in the hundreds of millions. After Udemy, Max helped build the AttorneyFee marketplace as the Vice President of Business Development and departed after their acquisition by LegalZoom.

He started Sales Hacker, Inc. to help other startups with fewer resources to sell their products and services to large corporations. Their events are now run in 6 continents across the world. This book is a product of the community and we’re excited to see the growth and innovation that comes out of it. Come visit us at

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