Misbah Ashraf

Growth Marketing

Partner, India Goes Global

1. Cibola

– Founded Cibola, Built “a” kick ass team from IIT Delhi CS.
– Responsible for product design and growth.
– Had to fold the start-up as we ran into regulatory complications around fin-tech.

2. Spangle Inc

– Drove 50,000 downloads in 10days of launch with $ZERO in spends
-Designed wireframes and user on-boarding process

3. Hackr.io

– Got on the first rank on Product Hunt with more than 1000 Upvotes

4. Exactly.me

– Worked directly with founders who have sold last company in 1.8 Billion in building the product from scratch
– Done user acquisition for initial closed beta testers

I have also built the product roadmap and acquired more than 20k users for Meed, and Acquired more than 10k users for Beta launch for Keygo.

I sometimes write about product and growth here. You can also look into my Linkedin for more reference.

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