Tami McQueen

Growth Marketing


As a digital marketing and communications visionary with over a decade of strategic experience in B2B and B2C markets, Tami has an insatiable desire to drive an innovative approach that fuels disruption in emerging markets.

Tami is co-founder of Brown McQueen, a consulting firm that helps B2B SaaS companies develop and execute on hyper-growth marketing strategies. Previously, Tami joined one the fastest-growing a B2B SaaS startups in the U.S. as the first marketing hire and employee #9 at SalesLoft. Over a period of three years and recent Series B funding, SalesLoft has grown from 10 employees to 150, and marketing has scaled from a team of one to 12. Tami‘s expertise center on field marketing, go-to-market brand strategy, public relations and corporate communications, and account-based initiatives across multiple platforms.

A former NCAA Division 1 collegiate tennis player, Tami believes in the strength of collaboration and exudes passion for her career and teammates. She serves on the executive board for the Kula Project and the Global Conservation Corps, is an advocate for rhino conservation in Southern Africa, and drives the empowerment of women-led, business initiatives through mentorship programs.
A champion for experiential marketing and taking big risks to gain traction, her heart beats a gentle intensity for creating memorable experiences and building brand champions.
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