Tim Yandel

Sales & Business Development


I have a passion for discovering new relationships that will help fortify others and ultimately create something special that has an impact. I love “building it”​ and after it’s built, I look for an opportunity to build again.

Building the best sales team in San Francisco @ Boomtrain, dedicated on evolving skills, building strong relationships and winning at every level. Previously built / rebuilt the sales visions at Percussion Software, Pattern Inc, ViewDo Labs, MRP and founded the national event series Tech In Motion.

I’ve helped build upon great talent from an entry level status to management and from management to senior management, every one of them has had very different journeys unlocking their potential, I just listen and act.

Every team is a unique product of its own creation.

My wife is my adviser, my daughter my curiosity and my dog is my genuineness.

My goal is to be wealthy with relationships, work, confidence, passion, community and fun.

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