Zach Lukasiewicz

Growth Marketing

Double or Trouble

I’ve worked with startups from Startup Weekend to TechStars to Series A. I ran my first marketing campaign as a freshman in college with a mentoring program with Yahoo! Advertising Team. I learned a lot of my fundamental growth ideas from planning TEDx talks, organizing music festivals, and participating as a co-chair on Capital Crossroads. I’m currently living a quiet life on Whidbey Island near Seattle.

A few hats I’ve worn: Marketing Automation at Paylease, Logistics/Branding at Drake Relays, Product/Branding at Coaching Actuaries, Growth/Retention at Hatchlings, SEO/Content at Staffing Robot, Conversion Optimization at Shaun White, Analytics/Growth at Immunio, Funnel Optimization at 8toYourIdealWeight, Quora Management at AlphaPrep.

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