Programming Graphic

There is no more helpless feeling than wanting to make changes at a tech company and having to wait on the engineering team to “get back to you on that.” Being able to dive in and make your own changes is a transforming skill that makes you exponentially more valuable to any tech company. There are hundreds of experiments you are going to want to run in order to do your job of generating growth.

Your cycle time from idea to market feedback will determine overall project velocity. This velocity is what sets companies that succeed apart from companies that fail.

People rationalize not wanting to put time into coding. I hear things like, “I could never be as good as a professional programmer, so why try?” The assumption is that unless you are in the top 1%, then knowing the fundamentals is worthless.

The problem with this assumption is that it leaves you entirely powerless to implement any changes. Your changes go into a queue with turn around times that depend on the resources and priorities of your engineering team. As a growth marketer, most of the changes that you will want to try are easily achieved if you have mastered a combination of CSS, HTML, Javascript and a server language such as Ruby, PHP or Python.

It is easy to get overwhelmed when trying to develop your technical abilities. My initial approach to developing my own skills was to break it down by the number of facts I would have to learn to be competent. For HTML it is less than 150 facts. CSS is closer to 300. Javascript would be somewhere around 400.

If you learn 30 a day, even the most difficult set of material can be learned in 2 months or less.

I start by creating flashcards. It is important to make the question related to what you would use the technology to accomplish. Example:

Question — How would you put an image on a web page
Answer — Use the <img> tag

Using this format trains you to think of each technology as a set of tools that you are using to solve problems. Then when you hit a problem, your brain will know which programming keyword can be used to solve it.

At the Growth Marketing Program at GrowthX Academy we teach a basic set of technologies that every growth marketer would be better off knowing. You can have a career without these, but to take control of your destiny and become a great growth marketer, here are the must haves:

  1. HTML — must have to iterate on products
  2. CSS — how you make your web pages look greate
  3. Javascript — most used programming language, makes pages interactive
  4. Ruby — this can substituted with PHP or Python
  5. SQL — how you talk to databases and make reports

Once you have mastered this basic set of tools, you will be prepared to take your game to the next level. You will also have developed the habits that will let you master any technology needed on your road to building a great career.

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