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Transforming yourself and building the life you want takes time. I would love to tell you that you could come listen to someone (even me) talk for 2 or 3 hours and your whole life would never be the same. This would be an empty promise.

Change involves developing new habits, learning new skills, and joining a community of like minded individuals.

This change can be dramatic and life altering if you bring your A-game and dedicate yourself to becoming an expert that adds value day one.

We all want to make a difference. We all want to matter. The contrast between those who want and those that do, is making a leap and dedicating yourself to personal transformation.

Our lives have been about making these kinds of changes in ourselves, in the companies we have started and in the entrepreneurs we have invested in.

GrowthX Academy is all about creating an army of dedicated people who want to join tech companies and change the world.

GrowthX Academy requires a 3 month block of time. We feel anything less would fall short of turning you into a real expert that has the skills to make an impact in this industry. You will be equipped for a lifetime of self improvement that will lead you to building a career that unlocks your true potential.

GrowthX is a group of experts that have all been a part of the tech community. We have built companies, invested in companies and grown companies. This is not theoretical but practical and focused on what works. GrowthX Academy is your chance to join this community and learn how to be a key player.

You will spend three months learning how to generate exponential results. Some will go on to found their own companies. Others will join the fastest growing companies on the planet. Others will find a social impact company and leave their mark on the planet. Never in the history of the world, have so many humans worked on technology. We are living in a historic moment and you can be an important part of this transformation.

What will you spend your three months doing?

  1. Specific curriculum :  direct instruction on how to contribute day one
  2. Experiential Learning: hands-on startup experience solving real problems for real companies
  3. Personal development : a big part of being a high impact contributor is knowing yourself and how to work with others
  4. Professional coaching :  how to present yourself to have maximum credibility
  5. Career coaching/branding : create a list of dream companies and roles, so that by the end of the program you are in the interview process with the right companies for you

Another key aspect is building your network of people.  Given the complexity of the tech landscape and how quickly new channels and opportunities arise, you need people that you can turn to. I still do business with many of the people I met the first month I arrived in Silicon Valley 10 years ago. It takes time to develop these relationships. A big part of what makes GrowthX Academy work is training you to be intentional about building your network. It starts by adding value to other people.  One of the things I always ask others is “How can I be helpful to you?” I mean it and I follow up. Just this simple habit has transformed my life. It is one of my competitive advantages. We want our students to come out with a strong network and the skills to keep building and nurturing their network.

The average life span is just under 78 years in the U.S. That gives you 312 chances to make that three month transformation. So, it is both a long time when you are struggling to make a change, but a blink of the eye in your overall life.

We think if you are serious about change this is the right amount of time to make an exponential difference.

GrowthX Academy is committed to helping smart, driven individuals learn to bring innovative products to the world. Are you one of them?

It’s an incredible opportunity. Speak with an instructor or apply for early access now!