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Results from GrowthX Academy’s Skills Survey

CNN Money lists User Experience (UX) Designer as one of the best jobs in America. From startups to the largest companies in the world, there are great opportunities to explore in UX design. The field can be an extremely rewarding career, with the  potential improve the lives of millions of people.

UX covers everything experienced by the user of a product. One of our survey respondents described it well, “A customer’s experience is affected by the whole story: brand, campaigns, literature, websites, store design, package design, out-of- box experience, product visual design, interaction design, support, user community and disposal/replacement.”

Here at GrowthX Academy, we recently conducted a skills survey and we wanted to share some of the results. If you’re looking to make a career change or level up your skills, this data can help inform your decisions.

The Results

We received 118 responses from UX professionals from all over the world and across different levels of experience. Our respondents had 210 different job titles, UX designer being the most popular.

The top recommendation from our respondents was to pursue a mixture of theory and practice. Respondents recommended reading (books, blogs, articles) and taking courses. They also advised newcomers to practice design, get an internship, and find a mentor.

We also asked people what courses they wished they had taken. The top scores went to:

  • Human-computer interaction (HCI)
  • Psychology
  • Statistics

UX designers work across a wide range of platforms and problems.

Figure 1. depicts the breadth of projects a UX Designer may work on

UX Designer Graphic

UX professionals wear a lot of hats in the workplace so they use a wide range of skills. More than half of respondents reported doing 25 of the top UX activities.

Most respondents (75%) said they perform at least 16 UX activities. Here are the top 10:

  1. Present solutions / concepts
  2. Persuade others
  3. Analyze tasks or activities
  4. Build prototype or wireframes
  5. Collaborate with subject matter experts
  6. Gather requirements
  7. Specify interaction design
  8. Conduct in-person usability studies
  9. Make storyboards, user journeys, flow diagrams
  10. Perform design reviews or heuristic evaluations

15% of our respondents said they also have various other big responsibilities including strategy, management, and content creation.

The survey also found that public speaking and group facilitation are key skills for UX design.  Participants cited these on both the most-used and most-wished-for skills list. People skills, especially the ability to persuade others to cooperate in fixing problems, is called out as a key skill area. The survey respondents also listed courses they wished they had taken.  The top five courses are:

  1. HCI
  2. Psychology
  3. Statistics/Probability
  4. Web Design & CSS
  5. Design

At GrowthX Academy, we’re teaching students human-centered design and equipping them with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to jumpstart their careers.

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