Design Thinking

“Always pick a tool that will solve your problem.” (E.L Fox)

E.L. Fox is a noted UX Researcher and Designer at Mule Design Studio. She’s also a Mentor at GrowthX Academy where I’m learning UX Design. She recently visited with my class sharing practical tips for new UX Designers.

The main focus of her talk was how she implements a “Design Thinking” process to tackle challenges and inspire creative solutions at her work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Design Thinking is a process, a tool, when used effectively, will help mitigate and overcome complex challenges, which, in return, will help you succeed in your goal.
  • Knowing who the key decision makers are and building rapport with them will tremendously help when time comes to get them involved.
  • Get key stakeholders involved in the process as early as you can. This will help build trust and can lead to success.  
  • Becoming familiar with the politics and culture of the team and the company will get you far. Learn how to ask the right questions.

E.L.’s advice For New UX Designers:

  • Know who can block the project:  Find out right from the start who can block your project if they are not involved and do your best to get them involved as early as possible on the project
  • Learn about  the projects baggage: Getting to know what why the previous project didn’t work, who didn’t give their buy-in, and what were the main causes. Was it the team? Management? Process? Knowing these facts will help you plan better and avoid similar fate
  • Learn about the resource you need: Learn about the resources you will need to do your job. Find out what you have access to and what you don’t. This will help you plan ahead.
  • Know who when and where will you need help: Learn about the people you will need to reach out for help and start building rapport so when the times comes they know who you are and are ready to help.

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