GrowthX Academy Class

GrowthX Academy is an escape hatch.

Over 43 million Americans have student loans, totaling $1.3 trillion in debt. Meanwhile, nearly 50% of recent college grads are underemployed.

So as college degrees lose synonymity with “job security” and the age of applied technology demands more hard skills, something has to give.

There are a few ways to improve education, given these challenges:

  • Education should be less expensive
  • Education should parity real-world experiences in the job market
  • Education should be faster

Making Education Affordable

The average student loan debt is $37,172. The average 4-year institution is $25,000.

Spending 4 years in college, even if it were free, creates an opportunity cost of over $100,000 in lost wages.

GrowthX Academy costs $15,000, less than 1/2 the average college tuition while spanning just 3 months, vs the 48 demanded from a traditional university.

Making Education More Like Reality

No offense professors, but it’s difficult to apply theoretical ideas to real-world business scenarios.

Most entry-level jobs are a ‘baptism by fire’ experience, with the savvier noobs learning as they go and their less adaptive peers playing by the rules, turning in assignments and waiting to be told what to do next.

But Seth Godin reminds us, “There are no more good jobs where you’re told what to do.

GrowthX Academy is taught by entrepreneurs who have a bias for action. There is no theory, only frameworks. No long-form essays, only measurable results.

Making Education Fast

Fast isn’t the right word. Let’s try: immersive.

Have you ever visited a foreign country, and within a few days understand more of the native language than 2 years of studies in high school?

In immersive training environments, your brain has the opportunity to deep-think and perform at higher levels. In college, you’re basically waiting for the bell to ring.

GrowthX Academy is an immersive 12-week program that enables students to focus solely on developing skills, building a portfolio, and networking for their soon-to-begin career in technology.

As of this writing, we offer 3 distinct training programs:

  1. Sales and Business Development
  2. Growth Marketing
  3. UX Research and Design

In Sum

There are thousands of buildings with bricks and walls and smart people inside, dispelling knowledge from one brain to the next.

So it isn’t about the what. It’s the why.

Do you want to work in tech?
Do you prefer learning by doing?
Do you want to start today?

Then speak with an instructor to learn more or apply for early access. Because job security is no longer about college degrees. It’s about you.