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Being in tech is not just about coding — it’s also about bringing people and technology together. That’s the whole purpose of user experience (UX) design. There is a massive need for smart, driven people who have UX design skills to help innovators get the right products into the hands of customers. That’s why we launched the UX Design program at GrowthX Academy.

The UX industry has never been hotter. All companies – from two people in a garage to the Fortune 200 – understand the importance of offering their customers a great experience. People are now coming to UX design from all kinds of backgrounds.

To be a true UX professional there are a number of skills and competencies that are essential to success.

So, how do you start or advance  your career as a UX Designer?

To be a UX designer you will work with a wide variety of people, both consumers and businesses, to discover their needs, desires and expectations. You will convert these insights into tangible sketches, wireframes and/or prototypes. You will test these ideas with the target  users to uncover usability problems, get new ideas and refine the current ideas. You’re part detective, part creator and part psychologist.

You’ll need to be exposed to a number of research and ethnography methods, be skilled at how to gain empathy, interview people to gather insights and how to translate these insights into breakthrough ideas. Many product and technical developers make all sorts of assumptions about what people will do, what they’ll value and how quickly they will adopt their product. It’s your job to align people’s needs with the product to create a product people actually want and will use. No matter what current design skills you may have, you’ll need to  level-up your core UX skills.

Who we’re looking for

Every aspiring UX designer can upskill since this is such an expansive and profound discipline. Whether you’re a market researcher, graphic designer that would like to learn more about human-centered design principles and research methods to truly understand users, or a front-end developer that would like to understand iterative design through sketching, wireframing and prototyping.

If you’re already with a tech company and want to change gears, if you’re itching to get into tech but haven’t found the right opportunity, if you’ve been in the military and are looking for your next challenge, or if you just want to learn UX design because you’ve already got a company and can’t find anyone else to do this for you, this is your moment! And we can’t wait to learn more about you.

GrowthX Academy is committed to helping smart, driven individuals learn to bring innovative products to the world. Are you one of them?

It’s an incredible opportunity. Speak with an instructor or apply for early access now!

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